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Online and App

  • Farming Tool
  • Buyer Net Sheet
  • Seller Net Sheet
  • Buyer's Estimate
  • Document Scanner

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Things you should be focusing on in Facebook.

  • Events
  • Business Page
  • Content
  • Separate the Businesses & Niches
  • CirclePix Multi Posting
  • Paid ads - Control the audience
  • Marketplace

A group of powerful tools:

  • Get Pre-Approved
  • Refinance
  • Home Buyer's Guide
  • Loan Programs - For You
  • Home Search - That sends buyer to your page
  • Ability to Keep Lender in the Loop and Vice Versa

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  • New Purchase
  • Affordability
  • Rent Vs Buy
  • Purchasing Power
  • Scanner Tool


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Instagram Different Strategies

  • #s Limit 30 per posting, use them and have 3 different lists to use. Use your phone keyboard replacement on your phone. Video is posted. Take advantage of all there is to offer including links..



Why Because you can only have one link on your Instagram. This app allows you to have a list of important pages for your followers to click on and have multiple links. If you are savvy enough you will be able to create your own page and control your analytics.


Yes the previous version was better but it still helps keep track of your customers. It is part of your board dues. Has calculators, affordability calculator. Good way to share listings with an existing customer but not for social media. Do you have a CRM?


RPR, Realtors Property Resource. Nationwide Estimates of Value for all property types. Instant price estimate but beware. Just like a Zestimate it could and will be subject to an algorithm that could be way off. Use the report tools to make the report accurate.


Dotloop. Tools that you need to share agreements and to make filling out an agreement easy peasy. Sharing documents for signature and forwarding to all of the team members like Stewart Title has never been easier. Autofill docs from the MLS. Smart phone app has a document scanner to make the image a PDF instantly.


Click here for a few of the videos that will cover some of the content that was covered at the event. This link is private and password has been removed for this class. Thank you for attending today and feel free to share. Make sure to Subscribe to my YouTube channel so that you can be the first to see my new FREE content of tips and strategies.


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