Welcome to Canvas University. As a member of Canvas Real Estate you have access to the most powerful platform to maintain and grow your business. Below you will find basic and advanced tutorials for the specific tools and how to use them in combination to prospect, assist and close your customers. This page is growing so keep checking back for new posts and to sharpen your skills. Ready, set Go!!!!


Using the MLS

MLS:Uploading Your Photo
MLS:Column Manager
MLS:Simple Searches
MLS:Search by Zip Code
How to Open a Supra
Supra eKEY App Code
IMAPP en Español
IMAPP Training

Using Dotloop

Real Estate Process
Adding Documents
Sharing Documents
Sharing with Agents

KVCore Training Videos

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Everyday Skills for Your Business

As part of your RTECH-3.0 Platform you have Training available 24/7. Check your email for your account information.

If you would like access to these videos with 30 day trial period please email me.

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Zoom Meetings