Questions Answered on Getting Your Real Estate License in Florida

We're here to help answer any questions you have about getting started in the real estate industry and growing your business. Getting your real estate license in Florida is a process,  to help we've collected and answered some frequently asked questions below.

How do I get a Florida real estate license?

One of the first steps to getting a Florida real estate license is registering and completing the 63-hour FL Real Estate Sales Associate Licensing course, passing the course’s final exam. You need to file an application (which includes fingerprinting) for a sales associate license with the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR). After the FL DBPR approves your application, you are eligible to sit for the Sales Associate exam administered by Pearson Vue.


How long does it take to get a Florida real estate license?

The time it takes to get a Florida Real Estate Sales Associate license can vary. It may take up to a few months to complete the required 63-hour Pre-Licensing coursework, go through the application process, and take the licensing examination. You set your own pace and schedule.


How much does it cost to get a Florida real estate license?

The licensing fee for a Florida Real Estate Sales Associate is $89. The fee to take the exam is $36.75. Other costs associated with getting your license may include fingerprinting fees and Pre-Licensing course tuition, which can vary depending on the course package and school.


How do I apply for the Florida real estate license exam?

Visit this site to view information regarding the exam, including schedules, cancellation policy, details regarding the exam, and a link to schedule your exam.


What states does Florida recognize a real estate license from?

Currently, Florida has licensing reciprocity with seven states. If you have a license in Alabama, Arkansas, Connecticut, Georgia, Illinois, Mississippi, or Nebraska, the license is mutually recognized. If not, you will have to go through the typical Pre-Licensing education requirements and take the requisite examination.

Can I take the class in Spanish? Can I take the State test in Spanish?

The answer to both questions is yes. When you take the Spanish test you are allowed to toggle back in forth from English to Spanish.

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