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Drip Campaigns & Lead Capture
Drip Campaigns & Lead Capture
Custom Web & Landing Pages
Custom Web & Landing Pages

Your time is too valuable to spend on something that someone else can do quicker and better to allow you to do what you do best...list and sell homes.

We have put together a team that will do the following burdens for you in packages that will meet any budget. All of these are available separately or as part of a package.

Social Media Menu of Services:

Uploading Contacts and Setting them Up

Creating New Custom Campaigns for your KVCore data base.

If Provided by us, meaning, using one our pre-programmed campaigns.

Private KvCore Tutorials from 1-4 agents

Instagram/FaceBook Management

  • 4 Instagram/FB Posts a week
  • Content suggestions every week
  • 1 Hr Marketing Meeting Bi-Monthly Zoom/Inperson 
  • Set up

Custom Website:


Media Management
Once you start subscription ($200 Monthly), you will receive an email and a Phone Call.Thank you!
Select plan
There are 2 payment options. 1 Time annual payment with a $100 Savings or 2 payments of $300 one today the next within 60 days.