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Dominate Your Real Estate Business Like an Expert

3313 w commercial suite 150, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309

Monday 23rd of January, 2023


Learn to:

  • Utilize the MLS at Expert Level - You have not seen this before

Compile Real Estate Data:

  • to Prepare for Listing Appointments Deep Dive Strategies
  • To Assist Your Buyers
  • Position Yourself as an Expert
  • Learn to Find the Information that your need without waiting on others to respond

The MLS is the most under utilized tool in our Industry.

In this course you will learn how to find properties in ways untaught by basic classes. You will know the different criteria to find Fix and Flip properties, Airbnb Properties and School searches that will show you that fellow agents fail to meet expectations and make properties more difficult to find.

By Increasing your MLS know how you are Increasing your odds to close on the opportunities that present themselves on a daily basis.

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$100 Investment in your real estate business with an immediate ROINovember 14th, 2022