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Splits, Technology, CRM, Profit Share, Lead Generation, RedX Lists, What Realtor® Board, Training, Mentor programs. What is the best office for you? There are so many choices that you should have a better understanding before choosing. Align your expectations. This class is FREE and online or in Person if preferred. You must register to join the meeting.

It's best to have the questions to ask today and the answers that you need before you join an office. Changing offices is always an expensive proposition and having to make that decision after starting your career could really hurt you motivation and momentum.

Before you Sign Up

Each agent has different levels of experience and needs to start. No matter how advanced you believe to be this is VERY different from the field that you are coming from. You have much to gain and nothing to lose. Please join us.

What will be discussed:

  • Commission splits and how they really work for you and against you in the long run.
  • Profit sharing that is too good to be true, who is really paying for it?
  • Technology-What you absolutely need to survive. What tools are included with your board dues.
  • Mentor programs that help the office not the agent
  • Hidden Fees not discussed
  • Support
  • Board dues
  • open for questions