New Construction Condo Buyers

Be Prepared

First things first, know the customer's needs and then learn the market that he wants to purchase in. If it is New Construction then visit the sites in advance and learn the property's features, property's amenities and geographic amenities.

Use your KvCore "Manual Listings" feature to create a listing that you can send prospects and leads that are unbranded. Do not include names or locations. Make sure that they will re-engage you for information.

Speak with your prospect in advance and know his intentions in order to know what expectations he or she may have. Is this a vacation home, a primary residence or a rental property?

Once you arrive on site and you introduce the on site representative that has helped you allow the representative to do his presentation. If you visited in advance you will have learned enough to ask questions to engage conversation but do not do this during the presentation.

Collect the information you need to answer Investor's questions before he asks. What questions may be asked?

  • What Financing options are available?
  • What is the current rental market capturing per square foot? Is the market moving? MLS Stats
  • Are there currently sales that concur with the property you are looking at?
  • What would the ROI (return on investment) be for this property?

Speak with your prospect in advance and know his intentions be ready to anticipate the questions.