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Although important, It is not good enough to learn to generate leads and not know how to cultivate them. From first contact you are setting the stage for the rest of the transaction. Success will be based on discovery. Discovery leads to understanding and trust. Well placed trust, that leads to a successful transaction. - Joaquin Gutierrez

Next Class Begins To Be Announced

What does the class involve? It is a 1 day class (in person). My goal and efforts are for you to leave the class ready to Attract business and be ready to independently close the deal and take it to closing. I promise you that you will be ready and able to create opportunity that you are currently missing. My expectations for you are matched by my style of coaching. You can not approach this business by learning things separately. You need someone that can show you traditional real estate to state of the art marketing and social media. Someone to bring together your SOI (sphere of influence) and leads to a CRM and show you how to tie it all to real life  experiences.


Yes I am serious about Cultivating new and experienced agents that want to grow or create new pilars and income streams. To strengthen their weaknesses in the areas that they have not yet developed.

This course is a 3 day program and visits the many facets that will be a part of your real estate knowledge base.

  • Marketing in General- All Types
  • Social Media-Know Your Audience
  • First Contact-Connect
  • Discovery - Winning the Customer
  • Finance-Know your Tools
  • Contract as a Sales Tool
  • Tools of the Trade-iMAPP, RPR, etc
  • How and When to Use Each Tool
  • The Transaction-Start to Finish
  • The Transaction-Avoid Problems
  • Closing Techniques
  • Setting up your Financials for Taxes
  • and much more

Classes consist of 3 Live classes Monday - Friday 9:00-2:00 PM. The program has been developed so that you will be able to learn and apply daily lessons. The lessons culminate in a better prepared and confident student. If you would like to see and hear some examples of the program click on the  YouTube link below. The Price is $329 and includes all materials. Payment Plan available through Paypal.


The Real Estate Business is very Complex and all questions naturally lead to more questions. This curriculum is the base to give you the understanding you need to keep learning and increasing your knowledge. It is what you need today to convert your opportunities.

  1. Introduction: Setting your expectations for the business. The transaction: Avoiding deal ending events. Understanding the contract. First Contact, Greeting, the correct questions through discovery. Necessary apps and tools.
  2. Using the MLS, finding hidden properties (uneducated agents). Setting up searches, concierge features. Follow and other strategies.
  3. Social Media: LinkedIn, FaceBook, Instagram. Expectations costs, FREE Marketing opportunities.
  4. Social Media Continued: LinkedIn, FaceBook, Instagram. Expectations costs, FREE Marketing opportunities.
  5. Google Ads - End of Week Q&A
  6. Succesful Open Houses: the right way. Choosing a property, strategies and tips.
  7. Prospecting for Listings Presentation Book and the Seller Interview.
  8. For Sale By Owners, Expireds: How to win the Listing.
  9. Commercial Real Estate an Understanding
  10. Putting it all together. Question and Answer Session.

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Get an Idea of what my lessons will be like in advance.

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