(Covid-19) Class is at the Doral office.  Students/Agents must wear masks and observe social distancing standards when in the building. Mask may be removed only when sitting at your desk.

La clase es en la oficina de Doral. Los estudiantes / agentes deben usar máscaras y observar los estándares de distanciamiento social cuando estén en el edificio. La máscara solo se puede quitar cuando esté sentado en su escritorio.

Canvas Real Estate

3105 NW 107 ave, suite 502,

Doral Fl 33172


$150.00 for 3 Days

Day 1 Friday        March 18th, 2021

Day 2 Saturday   March 19th, 2021

Day 3 Sunday      March 20th, 2021

9:00 AM - 5:00 PM Everyday

$150.00 for 3 Days 45 Hr Post Licensing

Pick any of the days that are available to attend for your 14 hour class. Pay on the PayPal link and you will receive an email asking for your selection.


Day 1 Friday        March 18th, 2021

Day 2 Saturday   March 19th, 2021

Day 3 Sunday      March 20th, 2021

9:00 AM - 5:00 PM Everyday

For this class we will be combining day 3 and 4 into one class. La clase es en Spanglish! Todos will understand.

1st Day build up the Urgency of a first deal:

This is YOUR class. I will be covering what I believe are your weakest points. You are welcome to suggest what you want me to cover. 1st Day is going to be a blast, First contact, discovery questions, how to show a property, when to qualify (always), how to use your discovery period to close on the home. How to keep deals from falling apart before they sign the contract, financing basics and not so basics. New Construction. The actual contracts, when to use the Contract and when to use it as a selling tool that it is....I know you are afraid to discuss the contract and you will now do it with a smile. Inspections, appraisals and closings.

2nd Marketing & Prospecting: KvCore, OpCity, CirclePix, FaceBook, Instagram, LinkedIN, Pintrest and  YouTube :

Best Practices and strategies. Sample Marketing. Make the best of your RTECH tools.

3rd Commercial Properties, Seller Prospecting, FSBOs, Expireds and your Sphere. Commercial Real estate Basics and Wrapping it all Up. Test!

Those that List Last, do you know what to tell a FSBO? There are different ways to approach this touchy seller, let us list the ways.




Day 1 Looks like this:

Hi, yes I am looking for a condo and I am already approved for a loan: Do you Understand these Terms? 

  • Fha
  • Conventional
  • HOPA
  • Rental Restrictions
  • OK to Lease
  • No Corp buyers
  • 75/15/10
  • Association Restrictions: Credit Scores/Income

Needs to Have the Following  Amenities:

  • Tennis
  • Laundry in/out
  • Parking restrictions
  • Club House
  • Golf
  • Equity Membership
  • Valet

What are:

  • Land Leases
  • Co-ops
  • SOH Save Our Homes
  • Tax Exemptions
  • Tax Calculators

Ok, so its a Townhouse purchase:

Most of the above and now you need to know the difference between Fee Simple and Condo Association

Well Let’s talk about the financing, you need to know somethings.

What is the Difference Between a Pre-Qualification, Pre-Approval and a DU Approval?

Whats the difference between FHA and Conventional?


  • 3.5% Downpayment
  • Credit Scores have a lower threshold
  • More forgiving Ratios (Backend & Frontend)
  • Refinance Terms


  • 3% or more Downpayment options
  • More forgiving Ratios (Backend & Frontend)
  • Refinance Terms are Better
  • Higher credit Threshold 

Learning the MLS & other Tools: IMAPP, RPR and More

(Board, RE-Hangout and BreakthoughBroker.com) 

These are the things that you need to know

  • Different search pages: Residential, Commercial Improved, Commercial Land, Residential Rental, Residential Income, Office, Agent and Cross Search
  • Saved Searches
  • Auto-Email Searches
  • Map Searches & Layers
  • DOM
  • Property History
  • Terms
  • Features, Amenities and Building Info

Learning Dotloop: This is a Tool that you must navigate in to learn. 

There is no “I'll do it when I need it. 

  • Opening a Loop with the MLS or From the MLS
  • Adding Documents from a Template, Browse or Email
  • Writing a Contract in Dotloop (Learning Contracts is a Board Class Occasionally InHouse)
  • Submitting a Contract for Review
  • Adding Initial Boxes, Signature Boxes and Sharing

All this and you have not even learned how to speak to a Buyer or a Seller! All that you just read is your homework. You MUST do the next items prior to attending the first day of class. If you don't you will fall behind. That could cost you valuable commissions as you may have to seek help from another agent at a cost. 

Homework for the Workshop:

  • Find your Home or a home that is not in the MLS
  • Use RPR or IMAPP to to Evaluate a property and to find the information required for the listing. Schools, folio and legal.
  • Add the home to the MLS using the folio number to auto-populate. Do not submit, Just keep validating and saving until lt is finished or you need help completing.
  • Open a Dotloop Loop using an existing MLS listing so that you can auto-populate. Use IMAPP for info. Write a contract for sale
  • Open a Dotloop Loop and use an existing Rental Listing to Write a Contract to Lease and a Lease

Download the following apps to your phone:

KVCORE, RPR, GoMLS, RWSF App, CirclePix, Dotloop, Facebook Ads, Facebook Pages, Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, OpCity, Showing Time, Ekey and our App.

After all of this you will be ready to write a contract! Let’s learn how to talk to a prospect and turn him into a customer.

The Deal - The Process - The Steps

How to Talk to a Buyer/Tenant Prospect:

Buyers Checklist of possible questions DISCOVERY

Who is moving into the property?

  • Kids: Age Cars or Schools important
  • Adults: Cars or Trucks
  • Old Adults: Bedrooms 1st Floor

How long have you been looking? What is your Time Frame to Move In?

  • Long time: What do you think it is you have not found anything?
  • Just Started: Great lets make sure you have a good experience
  • Have you seen anything that you liked? 
  • Where do you live now and what would you like to improve?
  • Do you need to sell?
  • Renting? How much are you paying?

Are you working with a Realtor?

  • What made you call me today?
  • Are you happy with your agent?
  • Are they not available when you are?

Are you Buying Cash or Financing?

  • Have you spoken to a Lender?
  • What did they say?
  • Did they pull your Credit and see your tax returns?
  • Are you ready to see properties?